Why a Bible Holiness Camp?

“Christian camping is a positive and valuable experience”

The Grenada Bible Holiness Church Young Peoples Association (YPA) hosts an annual youth camp, and it’s an event indeed!

 It’s not about going to camp itself. It’s about the people you will be with every day that make this experience so special.

So, what about the Grenada Bible Holiness Church youth camp that makes it so compelling?  First you must understand why we have camp. Our goal is to reach the youth of our nation then the rest of the world. We believe in a holistic approach to evangelism and it is this approach that’s responsible for a Bible Holiness Youth Camp experience.

We take into consideration the needs of the youths and create a flexible program to address those needs. We further believe that the structures on which Youth Camp operates be self-sustaining and as such we monitor the maturing of our youths allowing them leadership opportunities, provide training and mentoring which give rise to young, vibrant Christian leaders.

We are not looking for perfect people! However, we are excited about youths who can “Make-it-Work”! Youths who look at a situation and asks, “how can I help”?

At a Bible Holiness camp in Grenada, we believe we strike the right balance between the spiritual and the material. We take the time to ensure the right environment is set to encourage our altar call services and great care is placed in providing the ambience for our banquets!

We introduce new events; “At our elders’ feet”, “Group cook-off: while retaining some classics like banquet, and movie night.

Come to camp 2020 for a life changing experience!